Saffron-colored painting mounted on orange and yellow brocade depicting seated Lama surrounded by small figures

Fourth Panchen Lobzang Chokyi Gyeltsen (1570–1662), with previous incarnations

Tsang region, central Tibet

mid-17th century

Attributed by inscription to Choying Gyatso (act. 17th century)

gold thangka; ground mineral pigment on cotton

27½ ×16 1/8 in (70 × 41 cm)

Tashilhunpo Monastery, Shigatse, Tibet

Photo Credit
image after Xizang zizhiqu wenwu guanli weiyuan hui 2007 [1985], pl. 75

Object Essay
Side-by-side depictions of robed figure amid landscape and figures in roundels: at left, black and white outline of image; at right, full color

Abounding Visions of Eminent Lives

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