Mural depicting monarch at right with family members and attendants arranged to his left

Detail of The Altan Khan’s Family

Back Shrine of the Main Assembly Hall, Maidari-yin Juu, Inner Mongolia, China

18th century

Photo Credit
image after Zhang Haibin 張海斌. 2010. Meidaizhao bihua yu caihui 美岱召壁畫與彩繪– Mayidari juu-yin qan-a-yin jirugh kiged budaghtu jirumal [Wall paintings and painted motifs of Mayidari juu]. Beijing: Wenwu chubanshe, 2010, 98.

The painting depicts Altan Khan’s heirs: his third wife Queen Jönggen (1561–1612) and probably her third husband, Chürükhe (Altan Khan’s grandson from his first wife, r. 1586–1607).

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