Bird’s-eye view of golden-roofed palace complex surrounded by gardens with image of blue-skinned Buddha at center

Medicine Buddha Palace (copy of first painting from the set of the Tibetan Medical Paintings from Mentsikhang Lhasa)

Rebgong county, Qinghai province, China


Lobsang Drubjam Tsering (Tibetan, active 1990s–present)

Pigments on cloth

Catalog Number

Rubin Museum of Art

This painting of the Medicine Buddha in his palace illustrates the first chapter of the Four Tantras, which many medical students and doctors recite every morning in homage to this buddha and his medical tradition. The palace, presented as a traditional Buddhist mandala diagram, is surrounded by four mountains. Each mountain offers the perfect environment for specific medicinal plants to grow and harbors various types of minerals, precious stones, and springs with medicinal waters, each associated with particular healing qualities and used in treatment. At the center of the palace the Medicine Buddha, in the form of the teacher Rigpa Yeshe, is seen expounding the science of healing to four groups of disciples, among them his student Yilekye. This painting is a rendition of the first painting of an important set of seventy-nine medical thangkas created in Lhasa, Tibet, in the late seventeenth century.


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