Deity wearing sumptuous red, green, and blue skirt holds white parasol before white disc and fiery nimbus



dated 1864

Pigments on cloth

Catalog Number
F1996.18.1 (HAR 468)

Rubin Museum of Art

Gift of the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation

Sitatapatra, a female Buddhist deity associated with protection and the prevention of obstacles in everyday life, is equipped with ten million eyes that watch over those in need. She carries a white parasol symbolizing benevolent protection, and the various implements in her thousand hands each signify a specific benefit. She tramples personifications of overcome obstacles under her feet.
An inscription at the bottom of the painting records that it was commissioned in 1864 in Tibet by a loving husband—likely a Newar of the Kathmandu Valley—on behalf of and in honor of his late wife, Lakshmi. This commission was intended to increase merit for the deceased and remove obstacles to ensure a better rebirth in her next life.